Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Spiderman cake

Happy birthday, Nikola! All the best to you! Have a great birthday party!

A chocolate cake with delicious chocolate cream inside for the 6th birthday party of a boy named Nikola. Unfortunately, I don't know the guy but I wish him all the best! I am sure he had an amazing birthday party :)

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Cookie Monster muffins

Happy birthday, Kristoffer! I believed you had very funny and memorable birthday.

This muffins are Kristoffer's birthday wish - cookie monsters :) The muffins are vanilla with chocolate chips inside. The decoration is colored in blue icing and real chocolate chips cookies :) Enjoy them! :)

Monday, September 11, 2017

Train cake

Happy birthday! I wish you all the best!

This cake was ordered by Silvia - an amazing lady that I have mentioned many times in my posts with different cake.
This time she wanted to surprise her dad with a birthday cake. She asked me for a train cake because the trains are one of his dad's passions. And here we go...

The cake is made with delicious vanilla layers soaked in coffee and the filling is the amazing Tiramisu cream. The decorations are made out of fondant. The train is made out of Rice Krispies, cookies, frosting and fondant :)

Silvia, all the best to your dad!

Happy birthday, Radina!

Happy birthday, dear Radina! I believed you had an amazing birthday party last week. I wish you all the best!

This cake is Radina's cake wish this year - a cake with an edible image of the very popular and liked actor Dylan O'Brien. The teenage girls simply love him!

Radina picked up the photo. The girl wanted only a cake with this image and in pale pink...And that's what I created...:) Only some of the decorations are made out of fondant, the rest is icing. Enjoy it!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Paw Patrol cake

Happy birthday, dear Chrisi! I wish you to be always as happy as you are and to keep always your charming smile!

 This  year for his 3rd birthday party Chrisi wanted the cute dogs from the popular movie "Paw Patrol".

Together with Chrisi's mom we decided to put plastic toys on the cake. Hopefully I found one of his favorite dogs (I'm sorry I don't know the name of it,this one in the middle of the cake).

The rest of the decorations are made out of fondant, colored icing and some candies in the shape of bones :)
The cake is combination of vanilla and chocolate layers and the filling is fluffy chocolate cream.

All the best, Chrisi!!!!

Monday, August 28, 2017

First birthday cake

Happy birthday!!! Today is the first birthday of a charming baby girl! I wish her all the best!

Her loving mom picked up the idea for the cake. She sent me the photo and she asked me for a chocolate cake with chocolate filling inside. From inside is chocolate from outside is white :)

Happy birthday!!!

Naked cake for Sonia's birthday

Happy birthday,dear Sonia! I wish you all the best! Be always in good health, be always positive  and be surrounded by your loved ones!

This naked cake is made out of vanilla and chocolate layers, the filling is cheesecake cream. I used chocolate ganache and fresh fruit. Have an amazing birthday, dear Sonia!