Monday, February 19, 2018

Unicorn cake

Happy birthday, dear Kalina!!!! We wish you all the best! Be always very happy, keep always your charming smile, be always very positive and loving!
We love you!!!!

This colorful cake is for 7th birthday of our youngest daughter Kalina. The idea of the cake I shared with Kalina in advance because I wanted to see her reaction. She was extremely happy and very impatient to see it. She asked me even 3 weeks earlier when I will start making her cake.
I was very happy when I saw her smile and satisfaction.

The cake is actually double. I forgot to measure its height but it's approximately 18-20cm. Chocolate layers gently attached by fluffy chocolate cream. The lower tier is with blackberries. I used vanilla frosting instead of fondant. 

We wish you colorful and beautiful life, dear Kalina!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

St.Valentine cookies

Happy St. Valentine!!!

These cookies I made for my daughter's guests. She will celebrate her birthday and she invited her closed friends. I decided beside the cake, of course, to make a small and sweet surprise for my daughter's friends. This year I decided not make any fondant cookies. I decorated them with royal icing, edible prints, colored sugars, icing decorations...
I hope it will be nice surprise for my daughter's friends...

St.Valentine cake

Happy St.Valentine's Day to everyone! Love is the main driving force in the world. Keep it always in your heart and soul. Only with love your life will be like a fairy-tale!

My cake this year is chocolate with light chocolate cream and fresh delicious blueberries. It isn't a fondant one. I used vanilla frosting and the hearts are icing decorations by Wilton. Enjoy it!


Tuesday, February 13, 2018

St.Valentine cupcakes

Delicious chocolate muffins with chocolate chips inside...that is my sweet surprise for my kids for tomorrow - St.Valentine. A small chocolate swirls on the top and paper decorations...and we are ready :) These are easy to make, time-saving and delicious in taste cupcakes :)

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Geode cake

My first geode cake...It's vanilla and strawberry cake with chocolate mouse.I used red, pink and white crystal hard candies for the geode. I also used piping gel and gold edible spray. Unfortunately, I hadn't any edible gold sheet that is recommended to be used in all tutorials. I think the edible gold spray also can be helpful.
My cake is not a fondant one. I used this time white frosting by Wilton.

 Enjoy it!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

"Friends" cake

Happy birthday, dear Vicky! I wish you an amazing birthday party with a lot of friends and nice surprises!!!

Vicky's cake wish for her 20th birthday is the movie "Friends". I adore this movie like most of you. That's why I was so thrilled to make a cake based on this theme.
Victoria sent me a photo of a cake that she likes and she asked me to make the same cake. Of course, there are some details changed but I kept the main concept.

The cake is chocolate with vanilla frosting and fresh strawberries. All the decorations are made out of fondant. I used Rice Krispy also for the sofa.

All the best, Vicky!

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Planets cake

Happy birthday, dear Nicolas! Enjoy your birthday party! I wish you an amazing birthday with a lot of friends!

This cake is for Nicolas' 10th birthday party. The boy cake wish for this year is the space and our solar system.
The cake is chocolate with chocolate light cream. All decorations are edible and are made out of fondant, marshmallows and Rice Crispy.

Let's go around the cake...a quick flight in the space :)